This is Norway

Norway is far stretched and diverse, reaching above the Arctic Circle. If you turn Norway upside down it will stretch to southern Europe.

Half of Norway has sun around the clock at summer (known as the midnight sun) and dancing, magical, northern lights in the totally dark winter.

In Oslo you may go skiing and choose between Michelin restaurants in the same afternoon.

Big city life in Oslo is different from that of a coastal village in the arctic. You can try both within a few days.

The farms are many, small and spread out, not clustered in villages like in the rest of Europe. Try staying at one of them and get to know a farmer.

Reach towering peaks and witness the mountains dive over a thousand metres into a fjord. Learn about the vikings. See history with your own eyes when meeting Norway’s aboriginals the .

Let Norway take you away from the summer heat. Swim in a cold fjord with a glacier reaching into it. Or stand on North Cape, the northernmost point on mainland Europe and feel the breeze from the North Pole.

Go north this year.


12 thoughts on “This is Norway

  1. In Mobil – Das magazin der Deutschwen Bahn AG Nr 07.2007 on the page 106 is abslolutely stunning photo of a pair of cyclers standing with bycycles on a 2.5 meter in diameter stone entrapped between two rocks 500 meters above the ground – at the bottom is a lake. I would love to have this photo on my computer but am unable to locate it on wour web page. Can oyu help, please
    Kind Regards
    Piotr Kotelnicki

  2. I would love to visit Norway. All the pictures I’ve seen from this country make me want to visit it. Actually I went on Google earth on street view, and it was amazing which means it will be even more amazing if I go there. Maybe one day…

  3. Please don’t take this the wrong way. You’ve got some great photos and I am certainly enjoying the blog, but everytime I open my Reader’s travel topic feed lately, it seems there are always 20 “Instagrams of Norway.” You’re really flooding the tag and taking away from other travel posts.

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  5. Dear Visit Norway
    I – and very, very many other WPusers as well, find it most annoying that you use the WordPress plattform to pour all this photos into the “Norway” theme section in the WP Reader. It’s doing you no good, it’s anti-Norway publicity and we consider.. Obviously you must have deleted the comment from Pit. What a shame!

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